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Where Is The Man Meant for me?

  Women often ask me, “When will God send me my “Boaz,” the man that’s meant for me, my soul mate, Mr. Right?” But I often have to ask, “What are you doing to actively prepare and position yourself for […]

Are You Looking for Mr. Right or Dr. Phil?

  As a coach, I am frequently asked how to deal with sharing past traumatic experiences or current insecurities in a healthy way in a new relationship. I usually respond to this type of question with a question: What is […]

How To Stop Attracting the Type of Wrong Men!

Does it feel like you keep attracting the wrong type of men, over and over again and you just can’t find the love you truly deserve? If so, there might be something that’s blocking you from attracting the healthy love […]

Did He Break Your Heart and Doesn’t Seem to Care?

Did He Break Your Heart and Doesn’t Seem to Care? He seemed like your potential Mr. Right – He said all the right things, took your breath away, you surrendered to love – then BAM – HE LEFT YOU! A […]

Is Fear Your Pimp?

Is Fear your Pimp? As a woman you have the Power to determine who you will let into ear and ultimately into your heart. However most women allow fear to pimp their emotions, values and actions. Fear has a clear […]

5 Ways to Make a Man Connect and Commit to Only You!

  The most commonly asked question that I get asked by my clients is, “How can I get a man to commit”? Here’s the deal ladies… men really do want to have a healthy loving relationship just as much as women […]

Is Dating Like Shopping for a Pair of Stiletto?

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever purchased cheap trendy heels that were 2 sizes to big or small and as a result they bought the agony of blisters and pain? How did it work out for you? […]

Are You Pushing Your Man Away?

Have you been on your first few dates with a new guy and suddenly he started pulling away? There is nothing more frustrating in the world of dating, than to date a high-quality guy who seems really nice and great […]

The Decision You Make will Shape your Destiny with Mr. Right!

After mentoring many women over the years, what I noticed is that women take pride in developing themselves, reading, studying, participating in workshops, getting into community and partnering with mentors to achieve the success they desire. Because of achieving optimal […]

Get Ready For Your Breakthrough!

Get Ready For Your Breakthrough! Are you facing a challenging situation that may even seem impossible, right now? Perhaps you are spiraling or feeling stuck. Is it because of a broken heart, cheating or unavailable men, past mistakes, painful events […]

Why do Men Disappear?

Last year, I had several women come to me crying, with mixed feelings of rage and indignation trying to make sense of why their new guy, treated them like a queen for several weeks, taking them on fancy dates, hanging […]