ARE YOU STUCK ON THE Person, Penis or the Promise?
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Girl, I’m just gonna be honest!

I was young and stuck on the SEX, fooled by his promises, and hoped that I would have the person and that would surely heal my childhood pain and prove that I was worth it & Good Enough!

I was 19 and I fell for let’s call him Evan, who was 5 years older than me, so I thought he was just the perfect mature man for me! He was so handsome, had a good job, he always knew the right things to say to keep me intrigued… and he promised me that we would get married some day!

And OMG he was Ah-Mazing in bed! I was addicted-sprung and was addicted to this man!

Stupid me… I let him convince me that I didn’t need to use a condom… So I had sex with no birth control or protection… and you know what happened right… I found myself 19 years old and BABY MAMA # 2 of 5 baby mamas! Yes, he did marry me, but he married ALL of his baby mamas and then cheated and divorced them!

I thought that our relationship would be different! I thought because he called, and came around regularly that he was responsible, had integrity, great character and was honest!

But it was all a lie!

I was broken, angry and confused from my childhood rape, my parents getting a divorce, my father womanizing behavior and my mother’s mental illness – My mom actually jumped out of the window in front of me at 5 years old.

As a result I had a low self-worth and no self-love – I felt diminished!

So when Evan came along I could not recognize that he just used his sex to make me feel good and get what he wanted from me… to use my money, credit, give him a place to live, and buy him stuff. – Because I worked on Wall street, I made a ton of money at 19 years old – not to mention… my dad was well off.

At that time, I didn’t realize that he was just as broken as me! We were two broken people trying to heal our childhood wounds.

You see, Evan witnessed his father cheating on his mother with multiple women. So it was not difficult for Evan to act out what he learn from his father – to have multiple women and cheat.

Evan also had a drug habit and beat me when he got high!

Well, Evan and I got married… and on our wedding night we stayed in the hotel in side of the World Trade Center in NYC and he beat the hell out of me on our wedding night and throughout my pregnancy!

I was afraid to call the police at first, because I didn’t want him to go to jail. So I went to my dad’s house and stole his can of mace. And the next time he hit me I sprayed him and then beat the hell out of him!

After I gave birth he still beat me… so much so that I wanted to commit suicide. One night I talked my self into doing it… I was going to jump out of the 6 floor window (after all that’s what I witnessed my mom do). But then my baby started crying… and I shifted my focus and tended to his needs and the feeling passed. – I’ve always felt that God intervened to save my life!

Finally, one day when he went to work, (my baby was only 1 month old) – I realized that I was living out of integrity and I did not want my child to grow up watching his mom being beaten, just as I had watched my mom being beaten by my dad and then repeating the pattern with his future wife. So, I escaped and relocated myself so he couldn’t find me.

I think Evan now has about 10+ children by multiple women.

We were taught to keep things in the closet back then… today, I help women to understand what’s going on inside. What’s their back story? What’s their ish? What’s unresolved childhood wounds are they still carrying that shows up as anger, shame, blame, guilt, fear, defensiveness, frustration, triggers, masculine energy and low self-worth. self-esteem and a lack of self-love.

What do they need to feel happy whole and fulfilled. I teach women how to break the repetitive toxic love cycles of attracting wounded and infectious men who will crack your heart open and break you.

Some of us have had pain for so long that we are in denial and actually unconscious of our pain. So we don’t talk about it – Instead we hide it and live in fear and anger! – Stuck- Sick and Single for the rest of their lives!

Here’s the real deal – If you never acknowledge the pain and speak it out loud you will carry the pain, toxicity and need for validation to your grave – and even worst – you WILL pass the cycle down to your children and their children.

Which is why I have dedicated my life to helping to bind up the broken-hearted.

This is the reason I’ve created the Love Rejuvenation Retreat!

Each year women from all over come together for the Love Rejuvenation Retreat to identify what’s blocking them from love and the life they desire and deserve. Attendee’s include spiritually conscious, successful single women from all walks of life – teachers, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, therapists, social workers, business owners, managers, bartenders, photographers, leaders of all types, fitness instructors, writers, coaches, secretaries, actresses, architects…we could go on and on.

Some women have deeply buried secrets in their souls, other are suffering from emotional pain, devastated from heartbreak and/or divorce, abuse or simply stuck and don’t understand their purpose and perhaps they are not aligned with their core values.

Some women are coming for the first time and are not really sure why they are coming and perhaps they are unaware of the powerful energy that they are about to experience… every woman who has ever attended the Love Rejuvenation Retreat has done so because she has raised her hand and put the universe on notice that it’s time to living a turned down life…

It’s time to do her inner work…

She is ready to get unstuck…

She is ready to heal – Her mind, body, spirit… Her whole life

Yasss! She is ready to Rejuvenate the woman within!


Here’s the foundation of what you will learn when working directly with me:

1. Release Your Love Blocks, Limited Beliefs & Old Patterns

  • Identify what’s blocking you from the love you desire
  • Break your cycle and grips of the past in a systematic way

2.. Increase Your Love Vibration & Unlock Your Feminine Power

  • Improve your self-confidence, self-love and self-worth
  • Get in alignment with your core-values and purpose

3. Attract a Relationship Ready man for a Lifetime of Love, Happiness and Support

  • Learn how to surrender to Masculine Energy
  • Activate Your Radiant Femininity
  • Ultimately Get the Guy You Want – Your Mr. Right!
  • Learn how to communicate, connect and inspire him to commit

This is what I call my Irresistible Blueprint to Dating Differently 3-Step Process. I have tested this process for the past 4 years and it a proven method to have what you want in abundance!

I work with women through this process every year:

  1. Group Coaching Program, combined with…
  2. One on One Private Coaching Sessions, supported with
  3. Love Rejuvenation Retreat (October 4-8, 2017, Virginia Beach)

Last year I had 3 psychotherapists in my program… and several women who had been in therapy for years… however after working with me these women they were able to create shifts that they could not achieve after years of therapy! Ah-Mazing Right?!?!

“Camille is just the type of coach that I needed as a therapist to help me open up and work on my issues, so that I can support my client in a more authentic way!” – Karen CA-USA.

And Sylvia, I know that this is your time to not only identify what’s blocking you from a relationship-ready man, but also create your breakthrough and ultimately a transformation!

Yes! As your coach, I want to take you from single, stuck, broken-hearted and settling to HAVING IT ALL: Living a healthy vibrant life and in a healthy relationship and the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Now this is why I have been in your inbox so much lately…

To motivate you to action to commit to yourself by taking the necessary action steps to get what your heart desires… by taking advantage of my last program of this year, the 6-month Healthy Fierce Love Group Coaching program, starting November 6th and Getting Your Free ticket to the Love Rejuvenation Retreat for FREE (***BEST DEAL)

My program, is proven process that will help you create the life and love in abundance – You know deep down inside that it’s time for the Love You Deserve!

I want to support you!

However, if you are still on the fence and not sure how the program and retreat will support you with your specific dating dilemma and love blocks?

Click here to schedule some time to chat!

Don’t let this last opportunity of the year past you by… Space is very limited! – Only 5 spots left!

If you are determine to get into a relationship this year… Click here to register for an amazing experience of a lifetime that’s sure to help your dreams of love and marriage come true!

Register for the Healthy Fierce Love Program and the Retreat Now!

If you have questions, feel free to click here to schedule some time to chat or simply hit the reply button and let me know!

I can’t wait to meet you and work with you in a few weeks!

*Remember You can bring a Plus One for 50% off, Just email me her name, email and phone number!

Your Healthy Love Coach and Sister!

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